Radio Beat Romania



Analog Friday – weekly show packed with downbeats, any hop and very hip, jazzy even

EVERY FRIDAY, starting at 9 PM, Levy will be broadcasting from Cluj-Napoca, România.


Transylvanian based dj Borbely Levente, known by listeners as Un Guru, or Levy, began his career five years ago when his passion for music took shape through vinyls records. Among his various projects are worth mentioning The Funk Soul Brothers, Trippy Sunday, Live Improve Show and the current Freak Paradise, as well as numerous warm-ups and afterparties made for musicians such as Sfântul Așteaptã, The Others, Junetrip, Subcarpați, Chimie, Cedry2k, We Singing Colors, Blazzaj, Akkezdet Phiai, Beat Dis and many others.